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Black Fermented Garlic (One Clove Head Black Garlic)


VnHerbal aims for elevating Vietnamese fermented herbs & spices to create eco-friendly products with delicious taste and good for health from farm to consumer’s table.

VnHerbal black garlic obtained from fresh garlic in Central Vietnam has been fermented naturally for a period of time at strictly controlled temperature and humidity.

The fermentation process turns fresh garlic into black garlic, becoming 20 times higher in antioxidant than raw garlic, gives them a natural sweet, chewy and jelly-like taste, that is the result of compounds converted into highly active antioxidant substances such as alkaloids and flavonoid compounds during aging process.

Not only black garlic has uniqueness in taste and texture but also it has a lot of benefits for our health! One black garlic a day, keep the doctor away!!!

100% fermented solo black garlic (one clove head black garlic)

Eat directly, add to cheese, soup, salad, chocolate or tea.

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