Cửa hàng

Fermented Black Ginger


VnHerbal aims for elevating Vietnamese fermented herbs & spices to create eco-friendly products with delicious taste and good for health from farm to consumer’s table.

VnHerbal black ginger obtained from fresh ginger in Vietnamese Central Highland has been fermented with pure honey for a period of time at strictly controlled temperature and humidity.

Black ginger is ginger that has fermented several weeks, becoming 50 times richer in shogaol than fresh or dried ginger. Shogaols are one of the spicy component sthat can be found in ginger. They act on body temperature and metabolism increase and take part in hepatic cells vitalization or diminution of articular pain.

The fermentation process turns fresh ginger and honey into black ginger, gives them a natural sweet, chewy and jelly-like taste, that is the result of compounds converted into highly active antioxidant substances such as alkaloids and flavonoid compounds during aging process.

100% pure honey and ginger (fermented both)

Eat directly, add to cheese, soup, salad, chocolate or tea.

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Net weight

3,53 oz / 100 grams