Dr. Bui Hong Dang – Vice Principal of the School signed a cooperation agreement with representatives of leaders of Vietnam Herbal Cooperative

In a bid to formally elevate the collaborative relationship in education and scientific research between Agalic, a Cooperative of Vietnamese Herbalists, and the Faculty of Chemical Technology at the University of Industry in Ho Chi Minh City, a working session and signing ceremony were held on January 12, 2024, at the University of Industry. This event marked a significant milestone affirming the expansion of collaborative training relationships while simultaneously fostering the development of scientific research and technology transfer between the two entities. During the ceremony, Associate Professor Bui Hong Dang, Vice Rector of the University, signed the collaboration agreement with representatives from the leadership of Agalic. Faculty members and departments also participated in witnessing the signing ceremony.
Agalic Signed 01
Representatives of faculties and departments attended the signing ceremony
Agalic, established in 2020, has been at the forefront of producing a diverse range of fermented products. They ingeniously combine the processing of citrus fruit peels and roots with the creation of light snacks, finger foods, and healthy beverages. Originating from the pristine Ngoc Linh mountains and the natural conservation area of Kon Tum province in Vietnam, Agalic has perfectly integrated organic farming principles, ethnic community development, and a commitment to sustainable production to create innovative products aimed at promoting and improving the livelihoods of local ethnic communities. This humanitarian business strategy is the direction that Agalic aims to pursue and expand within the agricultural sector.
Agalic Signing 03

Representatives of Vietnam Herbal Cooperative visited and worked at the Office of the Faculty of Chemical Technology

The Faculty of Chemical Technology is honored to accompany and collaborate with Agalic in creating value in various areas, including training human resources, developing scientific research, and technology transfer. Agalic is committed to prioritizing and providing the most favorable conditions to support the reception of interns and students from the Faculty of Chemical Technology for internships and thesis projects in the areas under Agalic’s research. Additionally, both parties will collaborate on organizing scientific research competitions at all levels, specialized seminars, and training sessions to help students enhance their professional skills.
Representative of Vietnam Herbal Cooperative visited the Practical Experiment Center
Representatives of Vietnam Herbal Cooperative took souvenir photos with students at the Laboratory
Ms. Nguyen Thi Quynh Vien – Deputy General Director of Vietnam Herbal Cooperative gave gifts to the Faculty of Chemical Technology
At the conclusion of the signing ceremony, the delegation from Agalic visited the Office of the Faculty of Chemical Technology, the Practical Laboratory Center, and took commemorative photos with the students of the Faculty. The visit and work session with Agalic underscored the commitment to collaborative partnerships and the mutual exchange of knowledge and resources for the betterment of both entities and the wider community.